Things to Consider Before Hair Transplantation

For a successful and comfortable hair transplantation, you should pay attention to your nutrition, habits and medication use.

What are the nutritional considerations?

Green tea should not be used 3 days before the operation.

Alcoholic beverages should not be drunk 3 days before the operation.

You should stop smoking 24 hours before the operation.

Can I continue using my medication?

Blood thinners are discontinued 5 days in advance with the confirmation of the doctor. All other drugs should be continued regularly.

Can I continue using vitamins?

Multivitamin containing vitamin E and food supplements should be stopped 3 days before hair transplantation.

Does substance use prevent hair transplantation?

Substance use poses a great risk for hair transplantation processes and results. Therefore, people who have hair transplantation should stop using the substance at least one week in advance.

What do I need to be careful about my clothing?

After the operation, you should wear a buttoned shirt instead of a sweater or tshirt when you come to the operation so that you can wear it without damaging the implanted area. We also recommend wearing comfortable clothes for your convenience.

What should I eat on the day of hair transplantation?

If your operation is in the morning you should have a good breakfast, if it is in the afternoon you should have a light lunch before coming to the operation. During the long hair transplant operation, you will be given a break for meal and you will be served from HairExpert restaurant.