FAQ of Hair Transplantation

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Is hair transplantation a painful procedure?

Hair transplantation can be performed painlessly because it is performed under local anesthesia or sedation. HairExpert improves patient comfort by performing needle-free anesthesia prior to local anesthesia for a painless local anesthesia procedure.

What is the success rate of hair transplantation?

The observed overall success rate of hair transplantation operations is 90-95%. As HairExpert, our success rate is over 95% according to the statistics obtained from thousands of operations.As HairExpert, our success rate is over 95% according to the statistics obtained from thousands of operations.

Who performs the hair transplant operation?

Hair transplantation operation can only be done under the supervision of a doctor. Since hair transplantation is a long treatment which has more than one phases such as anesthesia, implantation preparation, channel opening, implantation etc., the doctor constantly checks the hair transplant technicians and participates the operations if it is needed.

Which specialist doctors are authorized for hair transplantation?

There are different types of authorizations of each country for hair transplantation. Only certified medical aesthetic doctors, plastic surgeons and dermatologists are authorized to perform hair transplantation in Turkey. Other doctors do not legally have the authority to make the hair transplantation.

Does hair transplantation look natural?

Since the hair transplantation is an implementation made with the use of one's own hair follicles, a natural view occurs after a successful operation. However, unnatural results may occur due to the technique of implementation, planning and lack of experience in the techniques. For a natural look, all processes are important, such as designing the hair front line correctly and choosing the right method according to the frequency requirement.

Hair transplantation operation processes

Will there be scars after hair transplantation

As HairExpert, since the latest techniques are practiced, no scarring occurs.

Where is hair transplantation performed?

Hair transplantation operation should be performed in authorized institutions that provide the necessary standards for patient safety. Places that do not work with the license of the Ministry of Health and do not have the necessary medical standards and certifications operate illegally. Implementing hair transplantation in these places may cause serious health hazards. Therefore, before you have hair transplantation, you should learn about the standards of the facility, its competence in sterilization and whether it has the authorization certificate issued by the health ministry. HairExpert fulfills all the standards required for hair transplantation with its 6 storey 1200 m2 facility focused only for hair transplantation and has all necessary authorization certificates.

What is the importance of sterilization in hair transplantation operation?

The patient is open to all infections due to open incisions on the scalp during hair transplantation operations. Therefore, make sure that the equipment used and clinic have the necessary standards and authorization for sterilization. HairExpert International Hair Transplant Complex performs sterilization effectively with advanced medical devices in the sterilization unit.

Can it be guaranteed that the implanted hair will grow or not fall out for life?

The result of hair transplantation is not only dependent on the success of the treatment institution or the doctor of the treatment institution. The patient's compliance to the doctor's instructions after the procedure and the reaction of the patient's body after implantation directly affect the results. For this reason, no doctor or institution can guarantee that all of the transplanted hair will grow or will not be shed for life. Giving a guarantee certificate to hair transplantation treatment like an electronic device is an unethical practice purely aimed at building trust with commercial concerns.

You can only ask a guarantee for the service and facility standards to the responsible and doctor you talked about hair transplantation in accordance with the standards they are committed to. As HairExpert, we guarantee the service that is provided to our patients will not be different from the service we describe. We share a hair transplant certificate which shows the process details and the visuals of the quality control stages related to the processes of our patients. We also guarantee that if our patient does not get results from hair transplantation at the end of one year, we will implement a second hair transplantation free of charge.

Can hair transplantation be done by beard or chest area?

Hair transplantation can be done by extracting follicles from the beard and chest area, but it is possible that the hair transplantation process done by taking in these regions is not as successful as normal hair transplantation in terms of success and naturalness.

Can women have hair transplantation?

Yes, women can get hair transplantation. However, hormonal tests are required beforehand because female patients may experience hair loss due to hormonal imbalance. In fact, there are two main instances in which female patients are refused hair transplation: when hair loss in a woman can be stopped and even recovered from without transplantation and when there is a health condition that hinders a hair transplant successful results. In such circumstances, all necessary advice and guidance are given towards alternative treatments.

Can hair transplantation be done with grafts extracted from my brother or anyone else?

Hair transplantation can only be carried out with grafts extracted from you. It is not possible to implant follicles from your brother nor anybody else.

Can a hair transplant be done onto scar tissues or FUT hair transplant scars?

In some cases hair transplantation can be carried out upon scars and FUT hair transplant marks. Our doctor must assess and evaluate each individual case on photo or with a consultation. Only after this can a decision be made on the feasibilty of the transplant onto the scar tissues. It must be, however, considered at all times that the outcome of such a transplant can be unsuccessful.

How is hair transplantation pricing done?

There are two main pricing criteria for hair transplant procedures. Some doctors and clinics charge per transplanted graft; some others (the majority), especially those specialised in hair transplantation as well as in an intensive manner, charge a fixed price regardless of the number of grafts. As HairExpert, our goal is for every patient who has decided on an important operation such as hair transplantation to get the best possible result. Therefore, regardless of the number of grafts, regardless of the duration of the operation and workload, we charge fixed prices.

Why are your prices so affordable?

The main reason why our prices are affordable is that we engage in intensive hair transplant operations and we provide health services are at our own location allowing for the contaiment of the costs. HairExpert International Hair Transplantation Complex operates in Istanbul due to the fact that the cost of qualified labor is well below European standards. The facility standards, training and medical qualifications of our doctors and other health personnel, however, are at European standards. In addition, as a result of this intensive manner with which hair transplant surgeries are carried out at our clinic, our team's experience and skills exceed European standards.

What are the additional treatments and products that sustain my existing hair and act as support after hair transplantation?

Saç ekimi öncesinde ve sonrasında saçlarınızı güçlendirmek ve mevcut saçlarınız korumak için çeşitli destek ürünleri kullanabilirsiniz.

Saç dökülmesine karşı etkisi FDA tarafından onaylanmış iki etken madde olan minoxidil ve finasterid içeren ürünler ve son dönemlerde bilimsel araştırmalar ile saç dökülmesini önleyici etkisi ve saça faydası saptanmış olan peptit esaslı büyüme faktörü ürünleri kullanabilirsiniz. 

Önerdiğimizsaç bakımı ürünleri detaylarını incelemenizi öneririz.

Saç derinizi ve saç köklerini korumak için özel olarak hazırlanmış besin takviyeleri, mezoterapi ve PRP ve kök hücre ve peptid tedavileri de destekleyici tedavi olarak saç ekimi öncesinde ve sonrasında tavsiye ettiğimiz tedaviler arasındadır.

Saç restorasyonu tedavileri ile ilgili detaylı detayları incelemenizi öneririz

Can hair transplantation be repeated?

A hair transplant surgery is a repeatable operation. However, in order to repeat hair transplantation, the requirement is to have a sufficient number of follicles in the donor area. A second or even third operation can be performed as long as there are enough grafts to extract from the donor area. In this regard, it is the priority of the HairExpert team that patients are happy and satisfied with the appearance of the donor area after the surgery.

When can I have the second session?

The second session operation can be performed the very next day in case of a DHI procedure due to the minor tissue damage. In case of FUE Sapphire procedures, instead, the doctor shall decide whether it is appropriate to proceed with the second session the day after the first operation or if it is advisable to wait for a period of time on average of 8 months.