Hair Transplantation Processes

Hair transplantation is the name given to the process of transferring the healthy hair follicles in the region where the hair is strong and dense by means of special methods from this region in a homogeneous manner and in a planned distribution. This process consists of several stages.
Operation Time             :
Apx. 6 hours
Required travel time     :
Apx. 6 hours
Doctor Control              :
Next Day
Anesthesia                    :
Local anesthesia or sedation
Potential Risks             :
Necrosis, infection, swelling, visible scar

1. Pre-assessment

In the light of the information you provide, HairExpert experts will make the necessary evaluations about whether you are suitable for hair transplantation and provide you with all the necessary information for the optimum treatment you need.

2. Detailed doctor consultation

After the evaluations, the hair structure and the skin health of the donor and the receiver area are examined with hair and skin alalyzers by the HairExpert doctor in order to practice the correct health protocols.

3. Blood tests

For the health of all our patients, blood tests are performed in the laboratories located in the HairExpert International Hair Transplant Health Complex in order to determine whether there are any health problems preventing hair transplantation. In order to have all hair transplantation operations to be smooth, hair transplantation suitability assessment is detailed followed up by HairExpert teams according to the health conditions.

4. Determination of the frontal line

The frontal line is drawn according to the hair structure of each patient, the structure of the hair before the hair loss, age, forehead muscle structure and the personal expectations. In order to make our patient satisfied with the results, experienced HairExpert doctors and their teams exchange opinions with the patient and decide the view.

5. Determination of implantation protocol

After doctor consultation, the distribution of the determined follicle numbers are decided

6. Pre-operation

For the preparation of the operation, the patient is taken to the shaving area in order to shave the head, the clothes are placed in the personal closet and the patient is clothed with a gown. In shaving-free operations, only the donor area is shaved and the patient is prepared for the operation.

7. Anesthesia

For a painless procedure, anesthesia is performed according to the demand and needs of the patient. Needle-free anesthesia devices are used before the processes to ensure that the patient is comfortable at every stage of operation. Sedation can be applied if the patient has special request or the doctor requires it necessary.

8. Extraction process

The follicles to be implanted are taken from the designated donor area with a special medical devices called micro motors and they are counted and made ready for the operation inside of a special solutions. Follicles containing single hairs to be used in front line implanting are separated from the others.

9. Dressing

The bandage is applied to the donor area after medical dressing process. After this process, the patient is then given a break to rest and eat.

10. Channel / Pen alignment

Sapphire FUE Channel

The channels where the hair will be placed are determined according to the hair structure and the direction of the hair growth. The channels in which the hair follicles are placed are opened with a special sapphire tip micro cutter in different sizes chosen according to the hair structure of the person.

DHI FUE Pen Alignment

In DHI / Direct Hair Implanter FUE method, each hair follicle extracted from the patient is arranged one by one in the medical apparatus with a micro canal on which the hair follicle can be placed and ready for transplantation. The HairExpert team determines the appropriate DHI pens in different sizes according to the patient's skin structure and hair type and prepares them specifically for each use.

11. Implantation

The hair follicles taken and all preparations completed are placed in the scalp in accordance with the planned distribution of hair and the direction of growth.

12. Information

After the process is completed, all the medicines and care products that the patient will need are given in the bag prepared by HairExpert teams considering all the details. Again, the teams informs about the issues that need to be paid attention until the first control.

13. Second dressing and maintenance training

The patient's bandage is removed after 24 hours from the operation. Practical training is provided on how to clean the treated area and how to maintain it during the healing process.